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Sensor Boards

MEMSIC provides a variety of sensor boards and data acquisition cards that connect to our wireless modules and provide for both direct sensing connectivity as well as external sensor capabilities. All MICA and IRIS family sensor boards from MEMSIC are supported with drivers in the MoteWorks Software Platform.


Mote Sensor Boards

The MTS sensor boards are flexible with a variety of sensing modalities, providing you with a few options to meet your sensing needs including Dual-Axis Accelerometer (ADXL202), Dual-Axis Magnetometer, Light, Temperature, Acoustic and Sounder, barometric pressure, relative humidity, GPS, etc. Compatible with the MICA and IRIS wireless modules.

Download Datasheets: MTS400/420

Mote Data Acquisition Boards

The MDA platform provides extremely versatile data acquisition platforms compatible with the MICA and IRIS wireless modules. The MDA300 includes an onboard temperature/ humidity sensor and with its multifunction direct user interface provides a convenient and flexible solution to enable multiple sensor modalities. The MDA100CA has a precision thermistor, a light sensor/photocell and general prototyping area that supports connection to all 51 pins on the expansion connector, and the 42 unconnected solder points for breadboarding.
Download Datasheets: MDA300
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