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Environmental Systems

ēKo Pro Series System

ēKo™ is an outdoor wireless sensing system enabling environmental research, microclimate studies, smart water management, and precision agriculture. This revolutionary solar-powered system has miniaturized and expanded the idea of outdoor wireless sensing enabling users to take nature's pulse and gain a competitive advantage in a resource constrained world.
Download Datasheets:
eK2110 /eKo Outdoor Wireless Monitoring System, with +3dBm TX Power/,
/eKo Outdoor Long Range Wireless Monitoring System, with +18dBm TX Power/,
/Plug-in addition to eKo node, with rain, temperature, humidity, solar, pressure, and wind sensors./,
/The eN2100 eKo Node is a fully integrated, solar-enhanced, rugged outdoor sensor package that uses an energy-efficient radio and sensors for extended battery-life and performance./,
/The eN2120 eKo Node is a fully integrated, solar-enhanced, rugged outdoor sensor package with +18dBm TX power for long range transmission./,
eG2100 /The eKo Gateway is an embedded Sensor Network gateway device../,
eS9000 /Environmental Sensor Bus/.
Typical Applications: Environmental Monitoring, Smart Water Grids, Precision Agriculture

EcoWizard Energy Monitoring System

EcoWizard is a new system from Crossbow Japan, a subsidiary of MEMSIC that enables users to analyze and monitor energy consumption in real-time using intuitive vis
ualization tools allowing intelligent and efficient energy conservation. EcoWizard offers OEMs various energy measurement modes such as watt-hour by RS485, current transformer, and pulse inputs, while significantly reducing the installation costs associated with current solutions. The newly developed data viewer provides numerous options and increased functionality with simple graphical displays of past and present energy consumption (electricity, temperature, etc.).
Download Datasheets: EcoWizard System
Typical Applications: Energy Monitoring, Urban Monitoring
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