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Analog Tilt Sensors

The CXTA and CXTLA single and dual-axis tilt sensors offer an easy-to-use fully signal conditioned 0-5V analog output. With the CXTA, angle measurements can be made up to ±75 degrees in tilt range while the CXTLA offers high-resolution accuracy for measurement up to ±20 degrees. The zero-angle voltage and sensitivity are stable over the lifetime of the device. The sensor works with unregulated power supply inputs of 6 to 30 VDC and is available in plastic and high-temperature metal housing.

Download Datasheets: CXTA
Typical Applications: Construction

Digital Tilt Sensors

The CXTILT02 inclinometer offers outstanding resolution, dynamic response and accuracy. The CXTILT02 measures the tilt angle of an object with respect to the horizontal in a static environment. To measure tilt, also called roll and pitch, the sensor makes use of two micro-machined accelerometers, one oriented along the X-axis and one along the Y-axis.
Download Datasheets: CXTILT
Typical Applications: Construction Equipment
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