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Wireless Sensor Networks

wireless sensors and motes enable OEMs and system integrators to bring end-to-end systems to market quickly and economically. Building on MEMSIC's recent acquisition of Crossbow Technology’s expertise as the leader of wireless sensor networks, MEMSIC is committed to making the future of WSN technology a reality.
MEMSIC's wireless sensors connect the physical environment with enterprise management and information systems to provide advanced monitoring, automation and control solutions for a range of industries. The applications for wireless sensor networks are almost limitless with many industries and applications having specific technology requirements such as reliability, battery-life, range, frequencies, and topologies, size of the network, sampling rate and sensor use.
To address the unique requirements of individual applications, MEMSIC provides a broad portfolio of wireless sensor network products such as our eKo, Imote2, MICAz, TelosB, and IRIS Wireless Development Kits that allows our customers to choose the optimal solution for their industry, application and geographical requirements. MEMSIC's technology is proven in numerous deployments and is ideal for systems where multiple sensors nodes are required.
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