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Remote Magnetometers

The CRM Series remote magnetometers are high performance three-axis strap down magnetic field measurement systems. They are designed as a local magnetic field reference for use with high performance Attitude & Heading Reference Systems such as the AHRS500/510.

Download Datasheets: CRM500-510
Typical Applications: Primary Flight Display Heading Reference, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Control

Heading Sensors

The CHS series of high performance fully calibrated, small diameter heading sensors are ideally suited for towed sonar array and seismic streamer applications. The CHS heading sensor is a solid-state "strapdown" configuration that avoids the performance limitations of typical gimbaled systems and offers improved reliability. A 3-axis fluxgate magnetometer and 3-axis micromachined accelerometer are combined with digital signal processing electronics and fully integrated within a small diameter pressure rated housing.
Download Datasheets: CHS110
Typical Applications: Towed sonar arrays, Buoy Orientation, Magnetic Compassing
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