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MEMSIC provides a wide range of gateway boards. Multiple interfaces, including Ethernet, Wifi, USB and serial are supported to provide a base station for connecting an IRIS, MICA or Imote2 sensor network to an enterprise, industrial or custom network, or locally to a PC. Any MICA/ IRIS/ or Imote2 Mote can function as a base station when mated to the relevant interface board.



The MIB520CB provides USB connectivity to the MICA and IRIS Mote for communication and in-system programming. In addition to data transfer, the MIB520CB also provides a USB programming interface.

Download Datasheets: MIB520CB


The MIB600CA provides Ethernet (10/100 Base-T) connectivity to the MICA/ IRIS family of motes for communication and in-system programming. The MIB600CA allows remote access to sensor network data via TCP/IP. The MIB600CA serial server connects directly to a 10 Base-T LAN like any other network device. The MIB600CA can bridge “wired” and “wireless” segments of a network. The MIB600CA is also an effective conduit for sensor data.
Download Datasheets: MIB600
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